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Not a stressful move!

By: KevinCalvertxc74 | August 25, 2016

Moving guys had good hygiene – were properly dressed and well-prepared for my move. They properly loaded the try and never left a single box behind. They were also careful. Very honest with their price, arrival time and truck capacity. They strictly followed my instructions and placed boxes according to their labelled areas. Truly a reliable moving company!

B52 Van Lines


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Not At All Impressed and Dont Expect...

By: AFrame | August 24, 2016

Similar to another review on this site we were told we were over weight, our goods had totally been rearranged, we have an antique cabinet damaged. Our paid price was much higher than the so called guaranteed price. We are missing some goods and have requested them back with no response. Because the truck arrived late, was supposed to be there in the morning, because the truck was partially filled with some other persons goods we couldn't get everything on the truck and ended up having to give away major appliances at the last minute, while we watched the new owners getting anxious about them getting into their new home. We were told the truck would deliver early the following week, they arrived the following Friday, and wouldn't deliver until the final payment cleared my Visa despite having had no issues with payments. Have tried contacting company a couple of times, have had one reply with them accepting no responsibility at all.

Very welcoming and friendly

By: caseyhaynes5nN | August 24, 2016

I had a very good experience with the guys over at Metropolitan Movers. The guys who came to move us were on time and just very welcoming and friendly. They got to work right away and I really appreciated the respect they showed to my stuff, especially the furniture which they wrapped every piece. They were very efficient and they did not damage a single one of my belongings. It was just an overall great experience and I would definitely recommend them!

Metropolitan Movers

16 spinnaker way Concord, ON

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Despicable fraudulent dishonorable...

By: osteomaureen | August 13, 2016

Isnt it interesting how all their supposed great reviews have the same tone? That is because I am sure they are all from the same fraudulent author.

Had a nightmare experience with their quote versus what they tried to charge me. Had to get a lawyer involved.

These people dont deserve to live on God's green earth.

Canadian Moving Systems Inc.

2404 Centre Street North Unit 5 Calgary, AB

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Quick and affordable

By: Casey Darby | August 2, 2016

I got a call from Alberta Pro Movers very quickly after filling out an online form and they provided an approximate cost on the spot. I found the price was solid and they've got a great reputation from all I can see.

The moving crew came in on time for the appointment and went straight to work on Aug 1. They were able to move all of my belongings in the same morning (2 bedrooms). Thank you so much for helping me move quickly and affordably.

Alberta Pro Movers

15407 93 Ave NW Edmonton, AB

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By: chandyland1234 | August 1, 2016

I would NOT ever recommend Dominic and this company! His crew put together a Backyard discovery Wooden play set for us and 1) built it all wrong, the picnic table is right beside the swing causing it and my daughters feet to bump into the talble 2) Left it too unsecure for my children to play on it by leaving out the main bolts on the MAIN beam, leaving out many many bolts and screws. Left many holes where the bolts should have went 3) threw away the box of "leftover' bolts and screws in our recycle bin!! We paid him $540 to do this now we will have to hire someone else to take most of it apart and build it back correctly. He hasn't returned any of my phone calls or text messages and hung up on me when he did answer. He is not professional and not to be trusted! Shame on you for leaving the play set so unsecure and risking the safety of my twin daughters! DO NOT HIRE HIM! I have many many pictures of his work if anyone cares to see!

Brown's Packing and Moving

6450 Monroe Rd Charlotte, NC

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Awesome service

By: Tobt1959 | July 31, 2016

Fast, honest, careful with your stuff, local, friendly and sincerely nice guys. They made my move stress free and fun. Also they hauled my heavy, solid wood furniture in 2 hours with a smile. Couldn't be happier I chose them. Having used many local movers before, I've never been more satisfied with service and efficiency.

ABC Movers Philadelphia

336 North 13th Street Philadelphia, PA

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