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Good Heart, God Bless You Guys

By: campbelladam26 | October 26, 2016

My sister moved with them from Edmonton,AB to Toronto,ON. She lost her job last summer in Alberta and she decided to go Toronto,ON. Unfortunately she didn't find any jobs in Toronto and she tried to come back to Edmonton. Same time, she spent all her savings during this stressful time, no job and her household goods stays moving company Toronto warehouse. She contacted moving company and explained her situation and she promised to them pay her balance monthly. Usually they never accepted this kind of offer but they accept and brought back her shipment in Edmonton warehouse. Still she doesn't have money and she bankrupt. She owes more $2000 to moving company. She was really hopeless and upset, no furniture nothing. Last week Real Canada Wide moving office manager Gabriela called her and gave her good news. Her boss willing to give my sister's shipment free and no any charge. Just he wants top help her because she is really tried to pay her balance, just she doesn't have any money. They did delivery last week Saturday and she was so happy. This is a miracle for us. I want to say GOD BLESS Real Canada Wide Moving and company owner.
Thousands thanks!


8546 126 AVE NW Edmonton, AB

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Thank you

By: JessicaSroka | October 26, 2016

Hello. Let me thank Big Boy Moving and the team who moved us last month for their excellent service. They were polite, capable and communicated well with me. I was impressed by their commitment to complete the work and the overall quality. The price was provided via the phone, according to the list of items we gave them. I sent some pictures of the items that I was unsure of the size and how to qualify it, the representative was extremely accommodating! In the end we paid exactly what we've agreed.

Billed what they quoted

By: VictorPerez | October 25, 2016

I have to thank Supreme moving and storage for not being like other moving companies. While other companies add so many extra costs to the bills, these guys charged the exact amount they quoted. I was expecting them to be like any other moving company. But they were nothing like others. They were totally professional and very honest. Their original quote was as good as any other company. The movers were throughout professional and efficient. I received all my things in proper condition and the final bill was just right. I am happily recommending these guys.

Supreme Moving & Storage Ltd

377 Wallace Ave East St Paul, MB

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Do NOT Hire Armour Van Lines

By: luludogood | October 24, 2016

BAIT and SWITCH Pricing. Broke and Scratched EVERYTHING. Holds your things hostage.

Charged over $3,900 to move 2bd apt 3km. Quoted $649. Won't provide weight paperwork price is based on.

The angry men unloading the van literally THREW my belongings down the basement stairs. Scratched and broke every piece as if they had a 'wreck it' quota.

Do NOT hire them no matter what they quote. It is a lie.

Armour Van Lines

1120 Finch Ave West 701 Toronto, ON

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Good Customer Service

By: ortegahouse80 | October 21, 2016

They did my move from NOVA SCOTIA to BRITISH COLUMBIA. I have a 4 Bedrooms house, almost 10,000 POUNDS and they did it so quick and it was perfect.
They are the cheapest in this industry and there is no hidden cost.

Thank you so much Maria for your help in Spanish!


Moving with your friend with a truck

By: Ian1234 | October 1, 2016

Best moving company I have ever had any-thing to do with. Showed up at the the site fashionably early, cheery and ready to go as were we. From Dallas Rd to Harriet off the Gorge 3 1/2 hrs. I am a senior and got their senior rate, total bill $257.00. A year earlier I had hired Beekins Moving and storage. 3 men instead of two 2 1/2 hours early, Had to scramble to get let into the apt. Moving distance 2 blocks from Simcoe to Dallas Rd. bill just under $800.00. I am very happy with your friend with a truck. I would go to them in a heartbeat. Thank-you Tony.

Atkinson's Your Friend with a Truck

3182 Yew St Victoria, BC

category: Movers - Retailers

Hassle-Free Move

By: stevecheema | September 30, 2016

I moved from Vancouver to London, ON, in late August. From the free estimate stage all the way to the final delivery in London, ON. The whole process could not be smoother and more hassle-free. The movers were very helpful guys, they packed all valuables well and no damage occurred during the move. Sam, the move manager, who was the Vega Line's dispatch manager, was very accommodating and professional although he was extremely busy. It was the best experience possible and the crew were so polite, they even impressed my mother! Overall, I certainly work with Vega Line Moving again and recommend them to everyone who wants a professional, hassle-free and smooth move something that is not easy to find in this industry!

Vega Line Moving & Storage Services

14273 Knox Way 103 Richmond, BC

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Stay away from them!

By: gabrifor | September 19, 2016

AAA: they belong also the company ARMOUR VAN LINE (Toronto)! Be Aware!

1 review, 19st Sept 2016: We was still waiting for our stuff after 21 days!! They are charging us 4 time more than quotation we hidden fees and no proof of charges, Stay away from them they will waste your time. 20 days sleeping on the floor without personal belongs!! unbelievable... They will charge you for something that you never talked about (150$ stairs fee for example)

Update 24Sept: Hello hello!! Guess what?? I received my stuff after one month (instead 5-10days) and everything was smashed and broken!! Computers, furniture, chairs, everything! Also DO NOT PROVIDE CREDIT CARD to them! They will charge anyway any amount that they want! They quote for 750 $ after we receive a request of 2400$ plus the deposit paid, after the charged 1500$ on my credit card cutting in half the weight of our stuff, and because was the maximum payable on my cc. Stay way from them, they will fraud you! They own three different company (another way to cheat you) and they will use a different name for manage the complain. Do not believe any word from them!

Canadian Moving Systems Inc.

2404 Centre Street North Unit 5 Calgary, AB

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