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Movers forgot a dresser - but found...

By: huang77 | May 18, 2017

I recently moved from Chilliwack, BC to Acton Ontario with Canadian National. I was very happy with the initial process during the booking. Everyone was nice and answered my questions. I have no issues with the office staff and they showed me the respect that most companies don’t show. When the shipment arrived to Ontario I had to call to schedule a delivery which was not a big deal but wanted to know in advance that the goods were already there. The stuff arrived, guys were offloading and I noticed that my baby’s dresses wasn’t there. I naturally panicked cause everything we own for Emma has been packed in that dresser. I was disappointed and I called the office but they were closed (delivery was after hours). The next day Hanna called me back and said that they are aware and doing everything to locate it. About 3 hours later the warehouse staff called and said that the item was located. I was relived and pleased. I received the item 2 days later. I was satisfied with the service at the end except that delay. At the end the price was less than the quote so we were satisfied. They did try and fix the situation and apologized to us both verbally and in writing – very attentative.

Canadian National Van Lines Inc

10060 Jasper Ave 2020 Edmonton, AB

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Sudbury - Trenton Move

By: brianadams3312 | May 17, 2017

Jane @ Alliance Van Lines was very pleasant to deal with. My move was from Sudbury to Trenton area. We had a small cottage there and we sold it. Needed to move a few beds, dresser and boxes back to our house. We were very satisfied with the movers at both end. The driver arrived and I was worried about who would help him but local help arrived shortly. At delivery, two young men arrived who were very patient. We had a small issue with the payment as I forgot I had to be there with the card, but thankfully the boys had another delivery in the area, and they let me go back and forth. I appreciate their level of service. However, none of this would be possible with Janes and Matt’s help.

Alliance Van Lines Inc

100 Gloucester St 488 Ottawa, ON

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Thank you Totten's Movers

By: gloriastevenjohnson | May 17, 2017

I was asked by the owner to make a recommendation , of which I am happy to oblige . First , I'd like to thank jeff and all his staff for making my moving experience a very smooth one . The movers are very friendly and polite and also very professional . I was more than impressed how all my furniture was handle with care . Thank you Totten's

Moved twice with CMS - both time...

By: janetdoucette948 | May 5, 2017

This past December I moved from Saskatoon to Montreal, I’ve moved with them twice before for shorter distances and knew I didn’t need to look anywhere else. They moved me across the country with the same awesome service they did with my moves between Alberta to Saskatoon. I don’t bother searching for other companies, the price is right and the service is stellar. Two moves and they moved my sister locally within Ontario. The main sales person I dealt with was Amy who was great. She remembered us when we called back to book our 2nd move which is nice that they remember their customers. Carlos and Ali were great both times (we ended up getting the same crew in SK).

Canadian Moving Systems Inc.

2404 Centre Street North Unit 5 Calgary, AB

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Rip off 0 stars

By: GKaty | May 5, 2017

I have moved a lot in my time and I have always believed that it's well worth the cost. I still believe that, however, this particular moving company is a rip off.

Firstly, they are NOT A FULL SERVICE company. Every company I have ever used has come prepared to take apart your furniture and reassemble it on the other side, including packing up your mattress in a bag and getting it safely to your new place (no extra charge). I was lead to believe this was the service I was paying for. These guys did not even come with tools! They also charged me for putting my mattress in a bag.

Secondly, their quote was completely off. I was given a quote of $640 for 2,000 lbs. of stuff. I asked specifically if there were any extra charges or if that was the total cost. I was told as long as I have an elevator key it was everything. In addition to the math on my final bill not adding up, I was charged almost $900 dollars for my move,
even though I had less than the...


Honest Service

By: asleykatelm6 | May 5, 2017

I confidently state that New Jersey Transport has established their integrity and credibility when it comes to their service. Their professionalism and effectiveness are unquestionable. I had a business that needs assistance in delivering and happened to hired them thrice this time. They able to make my items from one place to another swift yet with security. They even kept me updated of the whereabouts and conditions of my things. Large scale and short scale are both their forte so service is not a problem. Suggesting them to others is easy because of their proof and outcome! Highly approved!

New Jersey Transport

1000 Main Ave Unit A Clifton, NJ

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By: monaluiseleblanc | May 3, 2017

I have worked with a lot of moving companies and Smart Movers is the best one I've worked with. The lady on the phone was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Movers were hard working individuals and very diligent. They arrived on time and were very friendly and professional. Everything was moved perfectly and nothing got lost or damaged. I had an excellent experience with Smart Movers and I highly recommend them to anyone who’s moving.


12 Elm Grove Ave Unit 301 Toronto, ON

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Five-plus Stars!

By: Maureen | April 29, 2017

I should have written this earlier, as I moved a year ago tomorrow. When thinking about that experience, I decided it was time to thank this company.

They were incredible. My move came in under the quote, and the people I worked with were friendly and efficient. Two of them came the day before the move to pack part of the place, and it was done so quickly and so well. Any time I had questions, they were helpful and nice.

I would have given them five stars just for how they handled the move.

But there is more. I had an accident the night before the move. I shattered my wrist, and I spent the night in the ER, having surgery the week after my move. I was in a lot of pain and obviously limited in what I could do. The moving team went out of their way to be kind and helpful, even worrying about stacking the boxes in the new place to make it easiest for me with the injury. They apparently conveyed the information to Stephanie, who had helped with packing the...


Alberta Pro Movers

15407 93 Ave NW Edmonton, AB

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By: sst | April 21, 2017

First, I would like to suggest, don't ever hire this company ever.
They don't know how to move, how to pack, etc.
They compromised my credit card on the booking deposit. Then they lied about my credit card being declined because they wanted cash.

Once arrived, they began the move by scratching my brand new floors that were installed last summer.
They also took off a piece of the wall, by banging boxes against it.

They dragged my couch thru the hallway to the elevator, even I asked them few times, to take it apart.

The couch did not fit into the elevator, so one of them took out a hammer and started hammering one side of the couch off.

I asked them not to take apart the poker table, once again they ignored me, and took it apart, now the table wobbles and can't be balanced back.

They ripped off all of the lamp shades, I discovered only afterwards, that they broke the base off.
After moving the couch to the new...


Miracle Movers

16 Munition St, Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON

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Local Ottawa Move

By: aquaponicslifestyle | April 15, 2017

We hired Move Ottawa Movers for a Local Ottawa Move on April 6th,2017 and the movers arrived on time and were friendly and polite. They wrapped all furniture and were hard working. Their booking department made the initial process very easy and the movers made the move itself stress free. Thank you Move Ottawa Movers

Move-Ottawa Movers

70 Bentley Ave. 207 Nepean, ON

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